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Publications & Further Reading:

Weston Electrical Instruments Corp., the original American manufacturer, produced a small number of publications to support the marketing of their various instruments. In developing and selling photovoltaic cell meters, they were working at the very forefront of technological innovation, worldwide.

Because of this, their customers, actual or prospective, needed technical guidance on the immediate or potential use of the products to be purchased. The photographer needed to be shown the correct way to use their new exposure meter, whatever the scene to be captured or the film stock used for the recording. The industrialist needed to have confidence in their workplace light level meters, and the engineer needed to know the capabilities of the photovoltaic cell, and its potential uses when incorporated into circuits using other Weston Components.

Comprehensive and well produced instruction manuals went a long way to fulfilling these needs but the requirement for broader documentary support remained. Weston were far-sighted in realising that their customers would also be their best salesmen if they were awakened to just what their photoelectric cell and other components could do in original systems designs.

I have included some references to other publications: Relevant articles and books that are not, as far as I am aware, available for viewing on-line. Sometimes they can be found for sale on line and would also be available from libraries. Where publications are illustrated, click on the image to download a PDF. They are print disabled and should not be distributed commercially. Other listings are for reference only.

Using Your Weston: Published by Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey, 1943.

Featuring the flagship exposure meter: The Weston Master Universal Model 715. This booklet is heavily illustrated and covers the use of the meter in detail: Selecting the subject area, use of the calculator dial, Camera position, close up and brightness range methods. Also covered are use with color films, cine, and filters. The Weston Junior and Cine meters are mentioned. Emphasis is given to using the meter for a variety of different scenes and subjects.   Twenty pages.

using your weston.jpeg

The Photronic PhotoElectric Cell: Monograph B-8: Published by Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey 1935. (Pt.1)

A remarkable monograph detailing the technology of the Photronic cell which lies at the heart of most of Weston's light meters. Technical descriptions, theory, applications and experiments are covered in an extensive resource document for engineers and systems designers. The monograph is presented here in 3 parts due to its length. The Author is unfortunately not credited but the extensive bibliography is included in the 3rd part. This first part has chapters on Technical History, Light Units and Concepts.

Photronic 1.jpg

The Photronic PhotoElectric Cell: Monograph B-8: Pt.2

The second of 3 sections of this monograph: Chapter 4: Practical Applications of the Photronic Cell

Photronic 1.jpg

The Photronic PhotoElectric Cell: Monograph B-8: Pt.3

The 3rd and final part of this monograph. Covers experiments, the correct use of instruments and ends with a bibliography.

Photronic 1.jpg

Interesting Experiments You Can Perform with the Weston Photronic Relay: Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey, 1932.

A series of twelve simple household experiments using the Model 594 Photronic Cell, the 634 relay and the Power Relay. Booklet Features the model 607 Experiment board.

interesting experiments.jpeg

Weston Photronic Cell - A New Dry Type Photo Electric Cell: Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey, c1932

A small six fold leaflet giving a brief technical overview of the Model 594 Photronic cell. Dimensions and graphs of characteristics given. The leaflet also covers the Model 601 Relay and Model 607 Experimenting board which combines the two devices.

photroniuc cell light.jpg

The Instrument Sketchbook: John H Miller & Harold L Olesen. Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey. 1941

A detailed workbook designed to be used in conjunction with a lecture series on instrumentation, electronic components and principles. Photographs of a variety of instruments made by Weston are included along with exceptionally detailed drawings of components and sub assemblies. Graphs and circuit diagrams are included. The front and back covers show a mosaic of whimsical doodlings centred around electronics topics.

Sketchbook 1.jpg

The Photoelectric Lightmeter: Simon A Spaans. Journal Abstract, 2015

An extensive and comprehensive abstract detailing the development of the Photoelectric cell based exposure meter from its beginnings in 1932. Simon is one of the world's foremost collectors of and authorities on exposure meters. He illustrates the abstract extensively with photographs from his own comprehensive collection. This abstract is copyright Simon A Spaans.

The photoelectric lightmeter2015 reduced

In Pursuit of Weston Light Meters: John Bunyan. Journal Abstract: Photographica World.  No160  2018/3  Ed. .James Downs

My own article published in September 2018 in Photographica World, the journal of the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain. The first of two, it covers the early professional meters made in New Jersey and the Master series made in America and the Sangamo factory in Enfield, Middx. UK.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 18.53.32.png

In Further Pursuit of Weston Light Meters: John Bunyan. Journal Abstract: Photographica World. No 163 2019/3 Ed. James Downs

This second of my articles covers the Direct Reading (DR or Junior) range, the Leicameters and the later models comprising of the Ranger 9, the Pixie and the Japanese XM models. I must point out 2 errors highlighted by club readers (to whom I am grateful): A rarer variant of the model 650 Leicameter uses Weston Speeds, not ASA.  The Ranger 9 kit does come with an Invercone thus supporting incident light readings.


Exposure Manual: J F Dunn & G L Wakefield, Fountain Press, 1981

Exposure Control In Enlarging: G L Wakefield, Fountain Press 1972

Colour Printing with the Weston Meter: Sangamo Weston Ltd.

The Weston Exposure Meter: G L Wakefield, British Journal of Photography, 7th and 14th June 1990

Principles of Permanent Magnetic Movable Coil and movable Iron Types of Instruments: Monograph B-7: Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey, 1928

A Measure For Greatness - A Short Biography of Edward Weston. David O Woodbury. McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc. 1949

Measuring Invisibles: Weston Electrical Instrument Corp. New Jersey. 1938 - Written by F Lawrence Babcock Associates, New York. A 50 Year History of the Company  This book is also available On-Line

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