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Weston Photometer Model S85 Light (Lux) Meter

Weston Photometer Model S85 Lux Meter c1961 UK man.

Weston Ligh Meter, Model S85, Lux Meter, Lumens per Square Foot

S85 with an alternative meter legend and scale in Lumens per Square Foot in place of Lux. Assuming the meter sensitivity is constant, this indicates that Lux relates to lumens per square foot by a division factor of 10.

Weston Light Meter, Model S85, Luxmeter, Foot Candles

The S85 in this instance, set up to read Foot Candles.

S85 Benjamin (1).jpg

This is a rare example of a bespoke S85 meter made for the Benjamin Electrical Company. The E703 meter is frequently found badged for this and other electrical companies, but not so much this model. The name Weston appears nowhere on it. 

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