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Anglo L 3b.bmp

Anglo Exposure Meter Model L3-b,     Man. Japan,    1960

This has to be the most enigmatic of meters that are Westons, but not quite.

At first glance it is unmistakable as a Weston model III; the metal casing is so characteristic. It is very close to the Sekonic LIII, especially considering the needle lock. But there the similarity to either the Weston Universal III or the Sekonic ends. This unit is functional and well built and it's difficult to believe that the metal case is not either of Weston or Sekonic manufacture.

The dual-range hinged baffle over the cell is present, but the linked rolling display of units on the meter face isn't. Instead both the high and low range scales are marked up directly on the face. The calculator dial is of slightly different design, simpler and surprisingly well presented with larger and clearer lettering and numerals, compared to the Weston or Sekonic dials.

So: Is this Anglo meter, with it's model designation so similar to the Sekonic LIII, a budget version of that same meter, or perhaps from an independent Japanese manufacturer who bought up the Sekonic components, remaindered  when they moved to production of their next model, the L-104, and put this meter together in a small workshop?

There are almost no other examples of this model anywhere on the internet, and absolutely no further information, so we may never know.

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