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Weston Luminance Meter 614.jpg

Weston Light Meter Model 614. 1942, USA manufacture.  This model of industrial light meter measuring foot candles was in production with Weston continuously from the '30s to the '50s. The early Model 614 appears almost identical, excepting that the grey or green photronic cell is exposed. Later variants of the 614, as in this example, have diffusing perspex covers fitted. They are fully visually and cosine corrected.

A rheostat selects from three ranges for the incident cell: to 100, 250 and 500 foot candles. An incident cone is mounted over the cell (on this model) which hinges upwards to direct to the light. Stood on a flat surface using the box lid for support, the unit can be angled towards any light source.

Full instructions for use and recommendations for levels in different work environments are printed on a panel attached to the inside hinged cover.

The example below is of the earlier model 614 with the cell fully exposed. The range switch is also much more basic.

Detail of the earlier model 614 (1930s) showing the uncorrected cell and basic range switch. 

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